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Viona Terleth

Empowering Millennial Leadership by developing personal & business growth, creating more happiness & success.

Viona Terleth - Leadership Development Trainer

''Develop yourself, Develop your business!''


Hi my name is Viona, I am a big supporter of connecting (personal) leadership- with business development. In addition to a twenty-year commercial career in the international hotel and event industry, I have developed myself as a Strategic Leadership Coach & Trainer, specialized in Millennials and their Managers.

I work according to the principle: develop yourself, develop your business. Based on this I have created an online training course that focuses on networking authentically. By developing oneself first, networking no longer is a burden but becomes a way of life.

I advise organizations on business development challenges and create leadership & commercial team development programs based on it. I guarantee return on happiness and success. I believe that attention to happiness and success makes organizations and their people agile, resilient, innovative, vital and ensures better business results.

Allow me to support you in elevating your skills, or strengthening the dynamics of your team.

Get my online course and find out more about me on LinkedIn.


Infinite Learning. Simplified.™

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