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Tammy Parrish

Image Consultant | Nonverbal Communication Expert | Speaker

Tammy Parrish - Image Consultant

"Embrace what makes you unique, and express it visually, to make a lasting impression."


Hi, I’m Tammy Parrish, image consultant and founder of The Clothing Compass. In my work, I support ambitious professionals in aligning how they look on the outside with who they are from within, to help them have the career they want.

What is image consulting, and how is it relevant to your career path? An image consultant supports individuals and businesses by strengthening how they are perceived through their appearance, behavior and communication, so they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Most of what we communicate is nonverbal, and yet in business, communication remains largely focused on what we say through speaking and writing.

I will teach you how to use nonverbal communication to make a bigger and longer lasting impact than you can with words alone.

The key is confidence

I believe one of the easiest ways to have more confidence is to feel good about how you present yourself physically in the world.

I’ve proven this many times in my 30+ year career, which includes two drastic changes of profession, and jobs as diverse as making burritos, running an in-country office of an international human rights organization, and starting and developing two radically different businesses on two different continents.

In today’s job market, we are all constantly evolving and making important first impressions, especially when we change careers and jobs.

Your first impression My suggestion for making the strongest first impression is to stand out while fitting in, or fit in while standing out — depending on your background and situation.

I’ve always enjoyed being different and encouraging others to embrace their uniqueness. The trick is to do that in a way that fits into a company culture, or other set of norms, and still feels genuine.

If you’re interested in improving how you communicate in-person and online, register here for the workshops. Find out more about me on LinkedIn and on my website.


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