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Selina Thompson

Digital Adoption Consultant | Founder of Forward Transformation

Selina Thompson - Digital Skills Trainer

‘It’s not a faith in technology, it’s a faith in people’. Steve Jobs


Hello, pleased to meet you and thanks for stopping by. A little bit about me: every day I help people around the world to achieve more with Digital Technology.

I guide organizations to launch digital experiences that result in improved engagement and ways of working. More importantly, I help their employees and customers to make the required step-change to become advocates of digital products and services.

I’m a firm believer that when you take a chance on something new, endless opportunities arise. That’s why I love my work as a Digital Adoption expert, seeing how technology is revolutionizing our lives and unlocking the value in everything we do.

With over ten years’ experience consulting on change management for digital transformation, I want to help more people experience the benefits of going digital, so I’m pleased to share with you my Digital First course.

Why should you attend the Digital First workshop?

Think of me as your trusted advisor as I guide you through the necessary steps to unlock the value of going digital in your business. During this course, I share with you the basics of digital adoption, including:

How to develop a digital-first mindset

How to gain a better understanding of your significant pain points and how digital products and services can resolve this right now and, in the future.

How to handle immediate and continuous change at pace (as digital technology evolves)

How to advocate and embed your new ways of working, so that digital upskilling and behaviours become a habit.

Wow, how can I put my learnings into practice after this course?

This course provides you with bonus exercises which you can practice at any time, alongside referring back to the modules for a recap.

For more great tips and inspiration to boost your ‘Digital First’ journey, you can connect with me via social media and my website.


Infinite Learning. Simplified.™

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