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Rob Willis

Turning teams into rockstar presenters and storytellers | Highly effective online, face-to-face and blended programmes | Presentation skills & storytelling trainer

Rob Willis - Business Storytelling Trainer

''A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved." - Dorothea Brande


Hello, I’m Rob Willis and I work with companies to provide their teams the tools for effective communication. Using the power of storytelling, my participants learn how to overcome the barriers that stop them from getting their message across.

I didn’t always find public speaking easy.

In my first job, I was working for tips as a tour guide. What I earned was determined solely by the value I could convey to my group. If I didn’t perform, I didn’t eat. For a while, I was very hungry!

Then I discovered the power of storytelling; the most valuable currency in communication. I gave 3,000 tours to 100,000 people from all over the world and refined a highly effective method to engage any audience. I then saw how these skills could help people in business.

Combining theory from marketing, storytelling and neurological research, I have optimised my style for business communication. It’s based on three essential pillars: empathy for the audience, tangible insights and always showing value.

Allow me to support you in elevating your skills, or strengthening the dynamics of your team.

Get my online course and find out more about me on LinkedIn.


Infinite Learning. Simplified.™

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