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Giulia de Mauro

Founder of the ibd company & the ibd hub | Business Development Architecture | Consultant for Architecture Practices & Business Coach for Architects on Business Development, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Pitching

Giulia de Mauro - Expert in Business Architecture

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”- Wayne Dyer


Hello, I am Giulia - an unshakable optimist, who believes in a bright future.

I have quite an international background: born in France by Italian parents, grew up in Gabon (Africa) and studied in the UK.

I believe that the world is changing and with it, the Architectural Field will go through some major transition. Architects need to be prepared to seize the opportunities that will lie ahead. I therefore specialise in empowering the Architecture Field to improve their business. My background is in Architecture, Business Development, Start-ups, Growth Hacking and Digital marketing and very few have the overview of all these topics.

I have also tutored and lectured Architecture Master students at the University of Nottingham & Manchester University. My work involves developing successful strategies for architecture practices, creative industries, and real estate developers to achieve their goals and grow their business by combining "traditional" Business Development with Marketing + Lean Principles + Digital Marketing.

Allow me to support you in elevating your skills, or strengthening the dynamics of your team.

Get my online course and find out more about me on LinkedIn.


Infinite Learning. Simplified.™

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