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Elvin Aydin Keles

Elvin Aydin Keles - Charismatic Leadership Trainer

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” - Rumi


Hi, I am Dr. Elvin Aydin Keles.

I am an expert in organizational consulting and mental health. My passion is about integrating hearts and minds through creating transformational processes.

How is my experience relevant to you?

As I was finding my feet in the organizational world as a consultant, I witnessed how executives struggled to implement corporate strategies because they didn’t have any tools to deal with people problems that would emerge as a result. Not only that, but some of these businesses were struggling because of the inability of these leaders tackling those intangible problems in their teams. This made me go back to getting my post graduate degrees in psychology and become a psychotherapist and researcher in the process though I have never stopped consulting with organizations. In time, I focused on working with people who became successful as an expert in their own field – like medical professionals – but struggle when they move up in the organizational pyramid as an executive. I was able to help them because I understand both personal and organizational dynamics and can bring in tangible solutions to align both.

Both people and organizations are universal – I have extensive experience in executive search and organizational projects with companies of various sizes through out USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa which renders me uniquely equipped to understand and work within different cultural frameworks. As a result, I can say that both people and organizational dynamics are universal while culture is unique.

What is different about me than other coaches? – I am trained as a psychotherapist, counselor and academic whilst having 20+ years of experience in the business world. Sometimes it is about a change of perspective and sometimes it is about tackling personal issues that create the stagnation in the person’s life. By working with me, you can address both levels at the same time.

I am a very results-oriented person – When I take on a client, I do so because I am confident that I can get them the results they are looking for, whether this is personal or organizational work. Get my online course and find out more about me on LinkedIn.


Infinite Learning. Simplified.™

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