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Danny van Roij

Gymnast | Balance Coach | Sports Coach

Danny Van Roij - Balance Coach

''If it's not fun as well, then it's just not good enough.''


Energy, fun and reaching goals together, that is what my life is all about, ever since I was a little boy.

When I was 3 years old, my mom advised me to start doing gymnastics.

Since then, practicing balance has truly defined my life. I first started with competitions at club level, then I continued with regional competitions and eventually I reached the nationals. I was so very proud! It's been 24 years of assiduous training.

Gymnastics isn't the only discipline that I embraced, I have been also doing mixed martial arts for 6 years and these two together were a great combination. With the coordination and speed I mastered in gymnastics, martial arts just elevated my skill set to a complete new level. Well ok, enough of bragging. It's more fun when I tell you more in person, so it's best to have a look at my new connect which is being launched soon.

During my career, I worked with a couple of sports clubs as a personal training and also a coach for group lessons, and yes I did them all! From aerobics and zumba to high-studios (high intensity interval training) and boxing classes. Often I focused on personal training with people who had injuries. I always made sure they train in their own comfort level of coordination and balance, it's amazing to see how together we can then reach higher levels of mobility and overall performance.

Knowing what your body is capable of, will give you a very safe feeling when you want to live and move in a fast environment. That's why I love The Essential Workshops, you are not only going to elevate your skills but you will also learn and develop the methods which will allow you to become a master in balance and coordination.

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