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Not Hocus-Pocus, but Neuroscientific Focus.

Workshop: Power Questions for Data Professionals

Tired of not seeing the results of your work? Let’s enhance your impact: Understand the business need and finally see people using your data products.

Workshop: Power Questions for Data Professionals
Workshop: Power Questions for Data Professionals

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31 Mar 2021, 15:00 – 18:00 CEST

Online Workshop

About the Event

You’ve worked hard on a dashboard. Or a predictive model. Or you’ve performed a deep analysis, and now you have valuable insights.

But then, weeks later, you discover that people are not using what you’ve created. Your hard work dies in a dusty Inbox folder. Buried under hundreds of other priorities. Frustrating.

You think: “How can they not understand how important my input is?”

You are not alone. This is what many data professionals experience.

But there is a way to prevent this frustration.

And that’s what this workshop will do, through a combination of scientific insights and practical exercises.

What you will learn

· How to uncover the real business need: the question behind the question. You’ll learn how to deal with a person saying: “I want AI.”

· How to win the confidence of the end-users of your data products

· How to say “no” without offending other people

· What mindset you need to make a big impact in your data work

· The single question to instantly gain buy-in from stakeholders

Who is this workshop for?

· You work in data, probably as a data scientist, analyst, or engineer

What can you expect

· An interactive workshop, packed with practical lessons you can apply in your job right away

Why MindSpeaking & Gilbert Eijkelenboom

· We have experienced that people skills are fundamental to business results in Data & Analytics

· We understand human behavior and know how to help Analytical Thinkers like you. We have trained 100s of people

· Gilbert Eijkelenboom is the author of the best-selling book: People Skills for Analytical Thinkers


· How will this workshop be conducted?

o This is an online workshop. We use Zoom. You can participate from anywhere around the world.

· What is the maximum number of participants?

o This workshop has only 8 seats. We keep our groups small to maximize learning for each person signing up.

· I’ve already read the book “People Skills for Analytical Thinkers”. Will I learn something new?

o Yes. This course contains new content. We will also apply concepts from the book, but always with a focus on practice.

· Is this a webinar?

o No. It’s a workshop. We will cover the newest scientific insights, but the focus is on doing.

You can find Gilbert Eijkelenboom wherever psychology and data meet. While Gilbert’s academic background is in Behavioral Science, he has built a career in Analytics consulting. Combining both worlds, Gilbert founded the company MindSpeaking: soft skills for data science & analytics.

He loves to help data professionals make a bigger impact with their data skills. Next to giving training, Gilbert enjoys writing. Last year, he published the book "People Skills for Analytical Thinkers"  and his online content reaches 100,000 views per month.

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    You will receive the login details and homework a few days before the intensive workshop.


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    You will receive the login details and homework a few days before the intensive workshop.


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