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Not Hocus-Pocus, but Neuroscientific Focus.

Neuromarketing: Inside the Mind of the Learner

This is a live immersive learning experience. It's not on Zoom. It has no slides. It's a show production that will feel like a Marvel movie experience. And it's for a maximum of 25 participants - cameras on, microphones on.

Neuromarketing: Inside the Mind of the Learner
Neuromarketing: Inside the Mind of the Learner

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23 Sept 2021, 18:00 – 19:30 CEST

Online Immersive Experience

About the Event

This practical training covers complex and fundamental neuroscientific insights in an easy-to-understand context: what actually works and doesn't when it comes to building and delivering a seamless learning experience.  

This is not HOCUS-POCUS, but neuroscientific FOCUS.  

Dive into understanding the mind of the adult learner:  

The why 

Neuroscience for Business, The Neuroscience of Adult Learning

Neuromarketing - the reason behind 327% increase in content retention

The how 

The functions of the brain: attention and consciousness

How are the 5 senses influencing the learning behavior

The dual side: the conscious and the unconscious response and motivation - crucial to understanding learner preference and choice

The what 

Colors, textures, fragrances, sounds, a-ha moments, objects, stories, images, quotes and how they influence learning decisions and cognitive preference

Aberrant consumer behaviors which influence and impact the learning experience: consumer choice, pathological gambling - learning gamification, "shopaholism" - buying every course there is out there, digital dependencies - saving every pdf there is online, ‘’nomophobia’ - fear of letting go of information, proprioception, propinquity and much more  

This session is conducted by Bogdan Manta, a Neuroscience for Business expert. By understanding how the brain works, he combines practical insights with strategic thinking in a business context.  

In his quest to decipher the human brain, Bogdan gathered a Masters Degree in Persuasive Communication, a Bachelor in Psychology, and a Bachelor in Behavioral Economics.

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