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Not Hocus-Pocus, but Neuroscientific Focus.

Intensive Workshop: Boost Your Online Impact!

Do you regularly facilitate or present online to colleagues, customers, or to your students? Do you understand the psychology, the technology, the behavior and the specific show production elements needed for you to be impactful online? Then you should consider this intensive workshop.

Intensive Workshop: Boost Your Online Impact!
Intensive Workshop: Boost Your Online Impact!

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25 Jun 2021, 09:00 – 13:00 CEST

Online Workshop

About the Event

During the very practical intensive workshop, developed especially for taking your facilitating, presenting and presentations skills to the next level, we will focus on very practical exercises and techniques: 

  • how to activate your audience and/or change their perspective and behavior through practical team exercises;
  • how to effectively use your body language, or voice, in order to enhance your message; 
  • how to create interaction with your audience during an online presentation;
  • presentations technical details (e.g. microphones, sound check, angles of light, 16:9 vs 4:3 formats, etc);
  • what nobody tells you about text, contrast, colors, physical contexts, imagery and more.
  • facilitation interactive exercises to prep you for developing further your facilitation skills;
  • improving your elevator pitch or short personal introduction, with feedback given on the spot;
  • how to effectively use the right emotions and trigger the right hormones & neurotransmitters, even during a virtual training;
  • the power of visual aids;
  • breaking down the nervous repetitions, uncomfortable ticks;
  • working on story structures which will help you to be an impactful presenter;
  • how to conquer your fear and how to use that nervousness and elevate your speech or presentation;   
  • impromptu speaking, with exercises meant to help you speak off the cuff in any given situation;
  • interview type situational conversations, to prep you for specific team presentations or specific negotiations;
  • your body language, voice and the impact they play in the online ''grand scheme of things'';
  • the fundamental difference between a poor quality slideshow from a shared screen and a regular training app, and your next level presentation;

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