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Not Hocus-Pocus, but Neuroscientific Focus.

How to Deliver a Powerful and Highly Impactful Session

How to Deliver a Powerful and Highly Impactful Session
How to Deliver a Powerful and Highly Impactful Session

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23 Mar 2021, 16:18 – 16:23 UTC

Online Training

About the Event

When it comes to being truly impactful and memorable online as a presenter, moderator, or facilitator, your glowing charisma may not be enough. Because for engaging your audience, delivering an impactful session, or continuously interacting with your participants, we need to look further than content, slides, or words spoken.

Let’s explore the impact of primary emotions, how neurotransmitters and hormones trigger calls-to-action which will make you truly memorable. Let’s understand the tech and why cueing matters, why the voice is the most fundamental aspect online. Then we can begin to truly understand the impact of context, content, and body language, when used in combination with the above.

This is not just an interactive, learning experience;

It is a catalyst for change!

During this highly practical online training we will cover:

· Nervous repetitions, conquering the fear or nervousness of presenting

· Why the technology / psychology / behavior matter when engaging with your audience online

· Everything about structure, opening, conclusion, touch points, etc.

· Facilitation interactive examples, to prep everyone for developing further their facilitation skills

· How to activate the session participants and keep their attention span high

· The tech behind memorable online interactions (lights, sound, microphones, queues, cables, cameras, etc.)

· How to impact your audience's attention/ emotion/ memorization/ decision & maintain them engaged

We will also focus on:

· Diving into powerful storytelling elements;

· Impromptu speaking, meant to help everyone speak off the cuff in any given situation

· Improving everyone’s short personal introduction, with feedback given on the spot

· AVK (audio – visual – kinesthetic), and how they impact every workshop, talk, or presentation· Working on story structures, supporting an impactful presenter

· Structural facial gestures, pacifying behaviors, particular non-verbal communication queues & triggers

· How to use the right visuals effectively, body language, or voice online, in order to enhance the message

· What are the psychological and neuroscience influences that persuade people to engage with you, trust you, and work with you.

*this live experience developed and facilitated by Bogdan Manta, ''Neuroscience for Business'' Expert & Persuasive Communication Trainer.

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