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Not Hocus-Pocus, but Neuroscientific Focus.

Challenge. Create. Outperform.

Let’s go further than just the way we give a speech. How? By exploring the impact of (primary) emotions, neurotransmitters or hormones, which trigger calls-to-action and make us truly memorable. Then link with voice, body language, mimics or content. An effective, practical, and hands-on workshop.

Challenge. Create. Outperform.
Challenge. Create. Outperform.

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13 Feb 2020, 09:30 – 17:30

Creative Point - Inspiring Meeting Rooms, Kanaalstraat 132 H, 1054 XN Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the Event


‘’People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.’’ Maya Angelou.  

When it comes to being truly memorable as a presenter or facilitator, your glowing charisma may not be enough. Delivering an impactful presentation is more than just the typical body language, voice, or words spoken. 

Let’s go further than just the way we give a speech. Let’s explore the impact of primary emotions, how neurotransmitters and hormones trigger calls-to-action which will make you truly memorable. Then we can begin to truly understand the impact of voice and body language, when used in combination with the above.

During this interactive and very practical workshop, we’ll cover: 

· What are the human contexts and how are they fundamentally impacting your speech or presentation;

· Nervous repetitions, ticks, conquering your fears of presenting;

· How to use the right visuals effectively, your body language, or voice in order to support/enhance your message,

· The fundamental difference between a boring slideshow and your next level presentation,

· 1-on-1 video recording & feedback (on the spot),

· How to activate your audience and/or change their perspective and behaviour through practical team exercises,

· The formula for always being memorable,

· How to activate your audience and/or change their perspective and behaviour,

· The impact of primary emotions in any type of human communication and interaction,

· Working on story structures which will help you to be an impactful presenter,

· A presentation’s technical details (e.g. what is a DPA, speaker rehearsals, where is the ‘’front of house’’),

· AVK (audio – visual – kinaesthetic), and how they impact your presentation,

· Impromptu speaking, with exercises meant to help you speak off the cuff in any given situation,

· Interview type situational conversations, to prep you for specific team presentations,

· Facilitation interactive exercises to prep you for developing further your facilitation skills,

· Improving your elevator pitch or short personal introduction, with feedback given on the spot. 

You will learn it all through very practical exercises, in a format focused on enhanced content retention, through different presentation techniques, and using experiential learning methodologies.

This training is led and facilitated by Bogdan Manta. Bogdan's background comes from neuro-marketing, (corporate) communications, social psychology and multifaceted program management. For 17 years he has worked as a creative, program director, content creator, show caller, negotiator, speaker coach, senior project manager, or corporate storyteller, developing projects, programs and experiences for most Fortune 500 companies, associations, or non-profit organizations. Bogdan is known to be very practical, effective, energetic, and ''quite the opposite of boring''.

When it comes to facilitating, teaching and training, he focuses on applying neuropsychology to different learning models, emphasizing on the human sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to stimuli. Bogdan uses complex methodologies, but in practice, the learning is as simple as a-b-c and the retention is increased tenfold. 

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