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Not Hocus-Pocus, but Neuroscientific Focus.

1-Day Presenting & Public Speaking Workshop - Captivate Your Audience!

Do you want to elevate your public speaking skills? Let's talk about specific element no other workshop will ever cover: storytelling, the 5 senses, the hero's story, the impact of the primary emotions, the 3E's of public speaking, the 7's vs. the 3's, walking on stage, or conquering your fear.

1-Day Presenting & Public Speaking Workshop - Captivate Your Audience!
1-Day Presenting & Public Speaking Workshop - Captivate Your Audience!

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26 Oct 2019, 10:00 – 17:00

Creative Point - Inspiring Meeting Rooms, Kanaalstraat 132 H, 1054 XN Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the Event

Are you willing to go further? Further than just the right usage of voice and body language? And learn also about human contexts, the impact of primary emotions, how neurotransmitters and hormones develop emotions which will make your presentation memorable? And then truly understand the impact of voice and body language, in combination with the above? Then this workshop is for you!

The Psychology of Public Speaking

During this very practical 1-day workshop, developed especially for elevating your public speaking, presenting and presentations skills, you will learn about: 

  • the 3 E’s of public speaking – Emotions, engagement, experience - and how to produce them;  
  • the 3 P’s of public speaking – Plan, Produce, Perform – and how to use them;  
  • learning and using the holistic approach of presenting and presentations;   
  • what are the human contexts and how are they fundamentally impacting your speech or presentation? 
  • how to activate your audience and/or change their perspective and behavior;
  • how to effectively use the right visuals, your body language, or voice, in order to enhance your message; 
  • the fundamental difference between a boring slide-show and your next ''killer'' presentation; 

We will also focus on:  

  • body language, voice; AVK (audio – visual – kinesthetic);   
  • breaking down the nervous repetitions, uncomfortable ticks,   
  • how to conquer your fear and how to use that nervousness and elevate your speech or presentation;   
  • the power of storytelling and how to bring forward memorable presentations using the 5 human senses.

You will learn it all through very practical exercises, in a format focused on enhanced content retention, through different presentation techniques, and using experiential learning methodologies.

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